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Non-Veg Restaurant

Non-Veg Section

There are many non-vegetarian dishes that carry the distintive taste and Indian coffee house.Biriyani (mutton, chicken, lamb or prawn) made as ‘dum’ tops the list delicacies. In this kind of preparation, heat is applied both to the top and the bottom of the cooking vessel. Kallummakkaya (mussels) curry, Erachi puttu, parottas (soft, flatbread), pathiris (a type of rice pan cake) and ghee rice are some of the other specialties.

Opening 11:00am  Closeing 11:00pm

  Non-Veg Menu
  Chicken Biriyani F
  Chicken Biriyani S
  Chicken 65 Q
  Chicken 65 H
  Chicken 65 F
  Chilly Chicken Q
  Chilly Chicken H
  Chilly Chicken F
  Papper Chicken Q
  Papper Chicken H
  Papper Chicken F
  Butter Chicken Q
  Butter Chicken H
  Butter Chicken F
  Garlic Chicken Q
  Garlic Chicken H
  Garlic Chicken F
  Chicken Masala
  Chicken Dry-fry
  Ginger Chicken Q
  Ginger Chicken H
  Ginger Chicken F
  Gopi manjurian
  Egg Masala
  Chicken Fried Rice
  Veg Fried Rice
  Egg Fried Rice
  Chicken Noodles
  Egg Noodles
  Veg Noodles
  Chilly Gopi Paneer
  Chicken Manjuri Q
  Chicken Manjuri H
  Chicken Manjuri F

NOTE : Catering Service also provide.

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